How I fell in love with myself & how you can too.

This is a Guest Post from : @organiclulula

A few years back I knew that as much as I liked myself, I wasn’t madly in love with myself. I could look in the mirror and find so many things to pick on myself about. I knew I was a good person but I struggled with feelings of jealousy and your general insecurities. I went to get a massage and the masseuse told me about how she gave herself self care massages every night. I was at a particularly low stage in my life and her words just connected with me. I knew that I needed to make self care my top priority, that I needed to love myself and put myself first now matter what. So I started a plan, I called it the “Totally in mad love with myself plan”.

This is what I purchased to make this happen:

1. Essentials oils I loved and a carrier oil (I used olive oil but fractionated coconut oil works great too).

2. A dry bush

3. Get headspace app

This is what I did daily:

1. Every morning I would take 5 minutes to dry brush myself. Starting from my feet in circular motions towards my heart (do not brush your face).

2. I recorded a video on my phone telling myself  “I love you”. No matter the scenario, sweaty after yoga, walking down the street, crying over something – whenever the moment came to mind I picked up my phone and recorded.

3. Every morning I meditated. This I now at 100% positive is the ultimate most important thing you can do for yourself.

4. Every Evening I spent 15 minutes massaging myself with oils. I started from my feet in circular motions always moving  towards my heart.  I would make sure that I put myself in a mind frame of love – telling myself how much I loved myself and treating myself as the love of my life.

Here is a great resource on self massage: The Benefits of Ayurveda Self-Massage “Abhyanga”

5. At one point I started focusing on each body part. Spending days telling my feet how much I loved them, then my ankles, calves and so on.

It worked. It all worked. Now days I do some of these things here and there – expect mediation – that is a definite staple. I can still remember the feeling of how much I needed this. How much I needed to feel deep love and how desperately I wanted to connect with myself. Now – it’s second nature. Sometimes when I think how much I am truly madly in it deep with myself – it’s almost like a school girl crush – totally all consuming.

I realize now that it was the simple act of taking care of myself. The knowing that pampering myself, being kind to myself, fussing over me was something I always thought somebody else was suppose to do for me – now I know that it needs to come from me ALWAYS. If somebody else wants to fuss over me too great, BUT I don’t NEED it, all I need is the love I hold so deeply for me.

My mantra at this stage in my life is “I am enough”. It’s just what I need to remind myself everyday to stay on track and that loving myself is the upmost important thing I can do for every single living thing on this planet because when I’m connected to me I am my best for everyone.

If you are struggling at all, I know how you feel and I really hope that any of these tips help you get to where I am today because I can promise you that you are amazing and worth it.


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