How a bra changed my life

When I first started embarking on a career as an online entrepreneur, with all the promises of riches and fame, I decided that the first thing I would do when I had the money was to buy myself sexy bras and underwear.

I was always the girl who wore mis-matched bras and panties. And my bras? Boring beige – always that flesh colour so that they didn’t show up under my boring work clothes.

I never valued how sexy lingerie could be because I didn’t feel sexy enough to warrant hot underwear.

About 6 months into my journey, as I was doing some very deep self-exploration work into who I was, what I wanted, how I wanted to show up as in the world (all while working full time, running a full time business, seeing clients and with two kids under the age of 3 – self exploration needn’t be a la Eat Pray Love extremes), I realized that I was denying myself a simple pleasure of wearing sexy underwear because I had a LIMITING BELIEF that it was expensive, and that my body had to be perfect to do it.

So, I thought, fuck it. I found a store on Queen Street in Toronto (Called Change Lingerie) who sells matching bra and underwear sets that come in small sizes. I have a small ribcage but larger boobs, so try finding a 28C. Yeah, not gonna happen at the usual stores. 

Anyway, I went on my lunch hour and spent $200 on a bunch of new bras and underwear. 

That $200 changed so much for me. First of all, the mere fact of spending money on underwear gave me a big confidence boost, then there’s the fact of secretly KNOWING that what I have on underneath is HOT. Now I wasn’t embarrassed to undress in the gym. I no longer cared what my body looked like, because I knew the underwear spoke volumes. 

I no longer saw the saggy tummy from my babies or, likewise, the saggy boobs. I saw a hot ass, and nice tits in a really sexy matching pair of underwear and a bra.

I see so many women denying themselves simple pleasures like this because they think they don’t have the money (you do), or they think they don’t deserve it (you do), or that it’s too indulgent (it is!). But what messages are you giving yourself when you deny these things? That you’re not worth it. And if you don’t think you’re worth it, nobody else will, honey.

I didn’t wait until I became a millionaire to buy these bras and underwear, and they are most certainly not the cream of the crop in terms of quality, but what they cost to my self worth and self esteem was way more than a million bucks could buy. And when I am a millionaire, you bet your ass I’m going to Agent Provocateur. Every. Freakin. Week.

I want you right now to go and buy something you’ve been denying yourself because you feel it’s too expensive, or you feel you just can’t. You don’t have to tell anyone (although you can tell me!, you don’t have to blog about it like I did. Just knowing that you did it will be enough. And watch as other things start to change for the better in your life.

Go, do it now.

PS – lingerie tip – did you know that lilac and light blue don’t show up under white? No more boring beige!!

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