Healthy Holidays #4 – Water, Water, Water

The last in the Healthy Holiday series is to make sure you’re having lots of water around the booze.

Drinking isn’t uncommon at family functions. I mean, sometimes we just HAVE TO. Stay hydrated with lots of water in between! Why is this important? Dehydration leads to headaches, unclear thinking, saggy, dry skin. Drinking enough means no major hangover – it helps move out those toxins, keeps you regular and helps you lose weight.

How do you stay hydrated?

  1. For example, have one glass of water for every glass of wine (or Bailey’s or whatever)
  2. Aim for 8 glasses throughout the day (8 oz each)
    1. You have spa water – adding fruit, cucumbers, citrus
    2. Buy a really cute cup that you love and it’s ONLY for water (go to amazon, get yourself a cute cup and post the picture on Facebook) 
    3. Carry a glass/stainless steel bottle water with you everywhere you go
  3. But remember – no drinking with meals though – you want to keep your digestive fire going so it’s nice and ready to digest your food so you can kick heartburn’s ass to the curb. Water is best sipped throughout the day vs in big gulps anyway.

ACTION: We are so fortunate to have clean water accessible but you still may get stuck, so let’s make sure you don’t.

Where will you get stuck?

  1. You don’t like water
  2. You’re not in the habit

So I mentioned having spa water earlier – what does this look like? You take your fave fruit, like blueberries, and add a cup or so to your pitcher and let it infuse overnight or throughout the day. You can use berries, citrus, or cucumbers. Try to avoid those artificial flavour shots – we want goodess in you, not a bunch of fake chemicals. Make sure your water is room temp too, according to Chinese medicine, cold water shuts down your digestive system.

And you guys know how much I love my lemon water! I was talking someone the other day & I asked her how she juiced her lemon – she said a lemon thingy – for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s this:

White lemon squeezer isolated on a white background. 3D rendered illustration.

White lemon squeezer 

Wooden lemon or citrus reamer - juicer isolated on white background

Wooden lemon or citrus reamer 

So your Action is to add your fave fruit to your grocery list, do that now – berries, citrus, cucumber, even chia! Make night before & infuse, or day of and let it steep through the day.

If you’re still struggling around incorporating health into your life, please reach out here.

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