Healthy Holiday Tip #3 – Eat before you go

Healthy Holidays Tip #3 – Eat before you go

Thinking that starving yourself the day of an event is a great way to avoid gaining weight and giving yourself an “allowance” to eat whatever you want at the event? Think again.

Going anywhere like a buffet on an empty stomach is a sure-fire way to overeating since you’ll be starved once you get there. And chances are you’ll head straight for the chips or candy for that immediate hit of sugar.

Having food like protein and fat before you go keeps your body satiated so that you can make smart choices at the buffet ( so think: eggs, chicken, edamame, tempeh, bean & rice, nut butter, avocado, coconut oil, a buddha bowl is great for that!) And this should be a no brainer, but this is the time of year where people start to skip and grab stuff on the way. Make yourself a promise right now, that you’ll make breakfast even in the busiest of seasons.

What you can do:

  1. Prep something the night before and in the AM reheat it – such as steel cut oats, quinoa – yes! I said quinoa! You can add some coconut milk, berries, some almonds – yum.
  2. Eggs take no time (and bonus throw a little salsa & spinach in them) – omelettes, froached eggs.
  3. Buddha bowls are great one stop shop meals. What’s that? Base of rice, quinoa or rice noodles, layered with greens like spinach or arugula, topped with beans, avocado, nuts, seeds, roasted pineapple and your fave dressing – I’m in love with coconut oil, lime juice and honey right now.
  4. Avocado toast is really fast and easy and EVERYONE love this.
  5. Keep a banana or granola, yogurt in the house for those days when you just need to grab something and go.
  6. Eating food the day of an event isn’t going to set you up for more weight gain, the opposite is true. Here’s where the scinece comes in…It truly has the opposite effect on your body – it causes a stress response and it tells the body to HOLD ONTO fat because it doesn’t know when it will get fed again. Doing this over and over again may be the reason you’re not losing weight.
  7. And remember to chew chew chew your food! Chewing properly and eating slowly helps a lot with beating the bloat.

So Where are you likely to get stuck?

Action Step:  Take sixty seconds, pull out your calendar and put grocery time on your schedule NOW. Do it now, if it’s not scheduled it’s not real, do it now. After you’ve completed post in the Facebook group action step complete – grocery time planned. This isn’t rocket science and some of these you have heard before but they work so do them.

So what are you going to plan to eat today to set you up for success?

If you’re struggling in this area, I’d love to help you. Connect with me here.


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