Guest Blog Post – YogaBe

Oh yes I did! Guest Posting for YogaBe – Toronto’s coolest *sort-of new* Yoga Studio down town in the PATH.

Recently I was on maternity leave and was thinking about my return to work and the fact that there were no real yoga studios right down town. There are a ton in the West and East – but nothing right down town in the Financial core that I could just walk to on my lunch hour. Then one day I randomly received a flyer from somewhere (or read about it?) about this new studio opened up 5 minutes from my office. Hooray! I was so excited.

I’ve been to a few of their classes and am impressed. The studio is fresh, clean and calm but energetic. The instructors are fab. I love Monday’s Jock Yoga by Michael Decorte, Tuesday’s Essential Core Flow by Justin Haley and Friday’s Pilates by Chivon Bielawski Seriously, some good stuff there. 

After introducing myself to them I was invited to guest post for their blog which I gladly accepted. I wrote about how to approach the holidays from a holistic perspective, and offered up some suggestions for food, teas and yoga poses if life gets too stressful, you need to help your digestion along, or you need to restore. I also included the recipe for my Salted Chocolate Shortbread Cookies…sooooo yummy.

Click here to read the post!

Let me know if you make the cookies and how you plan on staying stress-free and incorporating Yoga during the holidays! 

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