Feminine Rising

Heal your heart, feel peace and calm. Feel sexier inside and out.
Embrace your inner Goddess.


How do these words make you feel?

I bet a part of you wants to run for the hills, because the last time you felt them, and I mean really, truly felt them coursing through you, you were a completely different person.

And you're not sure how or if you can get her back...

How have you been coping?

Are you ready to learn some new healthy ways to cope and level up within?

The last year and a half has changed a lot of things for many of us in our lives.

Perhaps your family dynamics have changed and the relationship you thought you were in has had some new light shed on it and you are no longer happy or satisfied.

Maybe you had the opportunity to take a look at entrepreneurship and want to personally develop to make sure you are fully set up for success.

Whatever the need for you to learn how to slow down and make more room in your day for you, and learn how to listen to yourself and communicate in a more healthy way and implement your new boundaries, I've got your back!

Finding true happiness, joy and creating a heart-centered life requires a tour through the darkness.

The dark…

Your shadow…

Your truth.

This is the part most programs skip over.

Why? Because it scares the crap out of most people! Because you’re made to believe that if you linger in the darkness, you’ll only call in more of it.

But listen -- I need to tell you CANNOT experience the full spectrum of the light until you embody your darkness.


Get Real With Yourself For A Minute...Do You Want To...

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    Understand the different between intuition & fear

    Create healthy boundaries (in other words, say NO without feeling like a bitch!)

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    Want to reconnect with who you really are?

    Learn unconventional ways to find your true self and stop beating yourself up for being you and living as your authentic self!

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    Feel confident & sexy in your own skin

    Learn how to wake up with confidence everyday, so that you can start feeling more like a Feminine Goddess and attract all the things you ever wanted.

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    Remove blocked energy

    Whether it's healing your relationships around your money, relationships or business life, release the stagnant/blocked energy, self sabotage and overwhelm that is not serving you.

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    Be productive & have self care time

    I help busy people like you get more time in their day so they can enjoy life, be more productive at work, and take care of themselves - without feeling guilty!

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then Feminine Rising was made for you!

Results of this program: Having healthy relationships, healthy dating, slaying your sabotages, self care, & overcoming stress and overwhelm.

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History of Feminine Rising

I created Feminine Rising from a desire to live to the beat of my own soul's truth. As well as being in a roommate marriage and having to take a complete honest inventory of myself.

Then applying it to my every day life.

I lost my Goddess self and that brought me to a turning point, which brought me on a path of what I now call Feminine Rising.

Each of us had come across a woman in our own lives who was SO lit up, so in her element as a woman, that she instantly redefined for us what it meant to be a woman.

I decided that I wanted to live my life unapologetically and on purpose

And be that woman but my own personal blueprint version.

Powerful and strong, a true Badass without being an Insta-Perfect, ego-driven attention seeker.

I’m living in such alignment with my truest self that I no longer compare myself to other women, I know who I am and honour all parts of me - even the ugly bits.

I deeply, fully own this GODDESS essence I was once so struck by.

I no longer allow my thoughts to be controlled by doubt and fear.

I fully understand my sabotages and my darkness.

In my experience, when you ignite and fan the flames of your sacred feminine truth, it is like witnessing a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The ashes in this case are all the beliefs, 'shoulds,' lies, compromises and misplaced obligations and that are burned away, revealing the stunning beauty and power of


Often times in order for us to grow, a lot of things need to change.

In that process things can get really frightening if you are:

a) not grounded
b) not supported
c) not surrendering enough

I know that last year was...well let's face it, it was a shit show. But how much more time do you want to waste doing things that just don’t light you up anymore?

When was the last time you really examined what you wanted, what you didn't want, what makes you happy, what your boundaries are and what's important to you (your values)?

Are you fully embodied in your Goddess / Feminine self? And I'm not talking about what society deems as “feminine”, I am talking about the TRUE feminine - the woman who is unapologetically herself no matter where she is or who she's with.

Are you ready to find her? To own her with every ounce of your being?

Because helping you uncover your truest self is literally my SUPER POWER and I was born to help you find her.

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Client Transformations

Messages just like this hit my inbox on the regular and nothing makes me happier! But don't just take my word for it...hear it straight from them.

Meet Priya

Meet Shauna

Meet Tania

How Do You Sign Up?!

Want to find out if this 8-week course is for you? Book in a FREE coaching call with me today to hear about your pricing options.

Availability is limited. I take on a limit of 5 clients inside Feminine Rising so I can truly, deeply serve each of one of you.

I can't wait to talk to you!

My Final Love Note To You


Be prepared to:

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    LOVE yourself so radically that it transforms your entire worldview

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    FEEL gorgeous from the inside out, and radiate effortless elegance

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    ADORE your beautiful body and know exactly what it wants and needs

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    Feel exquisitely comfortable in your own skin, and REVEL in your senses

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    DELIGHT yourself and your chosen lover/s with passion, connection and intimacy

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    Live in deep presence and FLOW, and watch MAGIC show up

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    Handle life's challenges with GRACE and confidence

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    Know and speak your TRUTH and desires unapologetically

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    Attract ideal opportunities, the passionate LOVE you deserve, and anything else you may wish to experience

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    Live with sparkling JOY every day, and wonder how you ever lived without it

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    Actually step into BEING the loving change you wish to see in the world

ALL of this is available to you, when you answer the beckoning of your heart and soul, unapologetically.

You’re going to feel seen, heard & understood inside this program. From a place of deep wisdom and compassion I aim to support women to go deep.

No B.S., no fluff, I tell it like it is, I cut through the crap and it can feel confronting and uncomfortable -- but I'll show you results.

You ready? I'm ready when you are!!

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What Women Are Saying...

"Do it! It's totally worth it! Krisha is amazing at getting down to the root problems and telling it how it is. She can facilitate finding/regaining a positive wonderful relationship with yourself. She also practices what she teaches and leads by example. She doesn't shy away from the tough stuff, but is always caring, respectful, and honest. I love working with her!" (Lisa S - client and FR Alumni)

"I have noticed a big increase in awareness. Awareness of myself, awareness of how I speak about myself to myself. Catching and adjusting "I am" statements has made an impact on how I think about myself. I have started cultivating a loving relationship with my body - focusing on acceptance, love, appreciation, compassion."

"Negative "I am" statements. I realized just how cruel I was to myself in my own mind."

There was something about Krisha, from the moment I met her, that drew me to her. She had an energy and passion for life that enthusiastically sprang from her whole being. Krisha’s ability to be raw, vulnerable and authentic, led me to sign up for her Feminine Rising course because I, too, desired to be unabashedly myself.

Krisha has a talent for having clients dig deep and uncover patterns of behaviour they don’t even realize they have. She is an advocate for self-love and helps women recognize that we are all unique beautiful Goddesses. There is no bullshit talk from Krisha nor will she allow you to bullshit talk yourself. She will question and call you on things knowing that further understanding leads to healing and change. The work you do with Krisha will be uncomfortable and hard but you will emerge feeling empowered, more confident and prepared to allow your true Goddess to shine.

Janet Fry
Feminine Rising Alumni