Exhausted by 5pm…Are you like Jen?

I’d like to introduce you to Jen. She’s a smart, savvy, successful business owner who lives and breathes her work. Always wanting to make sure what she gives her clients is top notch, and of the highest quality, she works her fingers to the bone every day, and most nights, just to ensure she is meeting her own self-imposed deadlines.

No time to move her body, and never really hungry first thing, Jen will usually start her day with a coffee and then look up in a fog at around 3.00pm cranky, irritable, tired, pissed off, snappish, and craving sugar like nobody’s business.

As much as it pains her, she tears herself from her desk so that she can grab another coffee and a quick snack. She hates taking breaks because the minute she walks from her desk she loses her creativity and flow – so back to the desk she goes as quickly as she can.

She knows that what she’s doing isn’t really good for her, she knows she should be moving more, eating better, taking breaks, but she just doesn’t have the time, and she promised herself she’ll take a break when this big project is complete.

And then one day, she noticed that her periods stopped. She noticed she was getting all this acne. She was in a constant bad mood and she was starting to slip on her projects. She was in a constant state of feeling hungry and craving all the crap, and by 5pm she was done for the day, but because she was so tired all the time, her productivity was waning, so she kept working, kept pushing, kept striving so that she could meet her deadlines.

After assessing her current way of doing things, the first thing Jen and I looked at was her daily pattern of eating and nightly pattern of sleeping. Both have a significant impact on your energy levels and your cravings.

After agreeing that an earlier bedtime of 11pm instead of 1-2am, and to have something small to eat within 90 minutes of waking up, Jen started to notice a shift. 

Those two tiny changes had such a huge impact on her energy levels that she thought to herself…well, what would happen if I went to bed at 10pm? What would happen if I ate a bigger breakfast and then lunch?

And slowly, as the weeks passed, Jen found herself taking breaks so that she could move her body from the constant sitting/crouching position, she would grab food at regular intervals, and was no longer waking up feeling utterly exhausted. 

And another amazing thing happened….she was getting more done. Her creativity went to a whole new level because she was finally sleeping and fuelling herself in a way that allowed for those juices to flow. She was productive and able to get so much more done in way less time because she wasn’t making a billion mistakes all the time.

Her husband wanted to be around her again, her staff appreciated the calmer version of herself, and she was actually quite liking this new person she saw in the mirror who was also starting to lose weight without having to do any crazy kind of diet or workout routine.

After only a couple months of this new routine, she is now making more money, she’s happier and calmer, she feels sexier, and those 5pm slumps are a thing of the past.

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