The Exclusive Lifestyle Reboot Program Designed to Catapult High Performing Women from their War with Food to Making Peace within your Body, Mind and Soul in just 6 weeks!

Close your eyes and... 

...Imagine if you could effortlessly lose weight and keep it off? 

...Imagine if you could end the war raging in your body and mind once and for all? 

...Imagine if you could feel confident, energized, sexy and happy all the time? 

Ok, now open your eyes and come back to me.

Unfortunately, everything you’ve just imagined is kinda far from your current reality.

You’ve been going from diet to diet, program to program for years and you keep gaining and losing the same 10 pounds over and over again. 

You’re beginning to think your body has become your enemy and you can’t control yourself around food.

It’s harder and harder to look in the mirror, and don’t even think about buying new clothes anymore.

Maybe you got some bad news from your doctor and it’s time to get real about your lifestyle and habits.

Have you ever felt like... 

You’re the only one who can’t figure this health thing out? 

Losing weight while eating the foods you love is a huge lie, just another gimmick. 

The kind of results you want will mean you slogging it out at the gym for hours and going vegan. 

If you’re nodding your head yes, then I’ve got some news for you (a little bit of bad followed by some really good) 

Yes, you’ve been left out on a secret - but not for much longer. 

(I’ll tell you what it is in a minute) 

No, losing weight without giving up your favourite foods isn’t a lie or a gimmick. 

But there’s a smart way to go about it, a method if you will.

The smart way to go about it is to forget everything you’ve ever learned about food, dieting, and how to feel good and embrace a new, deprivation free mindset around what it takes to have the body and life you desire.

I'm here to help you especially if:

You start on a Monday all ready to go, then as soon as Wednesday rolls around you're stuffing your face with a donut or triple whipped mocha latte, missing the gym for the 3rd time that week, but you don’t know why. You start to feel depleted & disgusted that you couldn't keep a promise to yourself.


You’re really scared about your health, going on more and more medications, feeling sicker and sicker knowing if you could just get the right advice on how to be healthier you’d feel so much better. 

No matter where you are on on your journey, here’s what I want you to know and feel in your heart. You are ready to live your delicious life and ... 

I’m Krisha Young and I created The Delicious Live Movement for high performing women like you! 

Unlike a lot of health coaches - I bring real life strategies about how to manage and change your mindset around food, your body, mind and soul. 

Why should you work with me?

I’ve been in the coaching industry for over 6 years and I have witnessed amazing transformations with my clients, from weight loss up to 40lbs, women claiming their space in this world and letting go of old patterns that no longer serve them, watching them double their incomes, start new businesses or change jobs, to making huge shifts in their overall life which has an impact for everyone in it. 

Why am I mentioning all of this? Because how you do one thing is how you do everything, and once you uncover the patterns and blocks that have been keeping you stuck with food, you notice all other areas of your life improving too. 

I’m a High Performance Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Nutritionist - so I'm well qualified to help you.

But I've also been there. I lost 60lbs myself and kept it off. I made major shifts in my mindset to get there and also reversed migraines, IBS and other digestive disasters, brain fog and countless limiting beliefs that kept me stuck forever. And I'm here to teach you the same.

The Delicious Life Movement

was created especially for women who are done with playing small with their health, who are done with deprivation and elimination, who are ready to make peace with food and their mindset once and for all.

Before you attempt to go out and try yet another 21-day program, let me save you tons of time, effort, and money by showing you exactly what you’ll get in just 6 weeks with me! 

If you’re ready to lose weight for good, end the war in your body and feel sexy as f*ck, the number one way you can guarantee your success is to shift your mindset and approach food as your friend, not your frenemy.

In Just 6 Weeks You’ll Know How to:

  • Ditch dieting forever while looking and feeling better every single day to help you go from stuck in your health goals forward with a plan to live your most delicious life.
  • Incorporate sensible eating solutions that help you have loads more energy and start to lose weight for the long term.
  • Manage your stress without becoming a Buddhist monk
  • Have glowing skin (seriously most moisturizers will cost more than what this program does).
  • Master your cravings- think no more being ruled by that 3pm craving for chocolate, burgers, pizza, etc.
  • Stick to new habits and develop a success mindset around being healthy.
  • Reduce bloating- where you feel and look six months pregnant.
  • Improve brain health- less brain fog and sharper insights.
  • Eat out or travel like a pro and not gain weight.
  • STOP counting, measuring or depriving yourself of a damn thing.

Shift your mindset from the negative belief patterns that have you stuck in all areas of your life and build in a success cycle that will have you changing old, negative patterns that sabotage you at every step.

This program includes

  • A Private Membership Site that’s available to you 24/7 so that you can work through the material at your own pace, whenever you have the time. 
  • Six Recorded Calls where I am going to teach you how to lose weight naturally without having to weigh, count or measure a thing. 
  • Six complete Coaching Workbooks to go along with your weekly lessons so that you can take action on what you’re learning and create your new life with ease. 
  • Lifetime Access to Your Materials You’ll refer back to these materials time and again - consider them the bible for creating your new life. 
  • A Private Facebook Group with Access to Krisha - Hop in anytime and ask me your burning questions. I normally charge $500 per session for 1:1 coaching, but because you’re signing up for this exclusive offering you’ll get my tailored advice. 

Here’s one thing I wish someone had told me years ago “Success only comes to those who take risks to earn it.” 

That means you won’t get the full-life changing results you want if you don’t take risks and believe in yourself.


Amuse bouche of the program, the starter if you will.

We will cover basic things you need to get started like the one thing you can do every day to have glowing skin and loads of energy; what foods you should keep in your fridge and pantry to set you up for success, a breakdown of the nutrients your body needs and some basic stress management stuff to get you started. While it may be basic, it's very powerful and the very foundation you need for long-term success.


This is where I open the hood on the techniques I use with my private clients, and how they get amazing results.

We will cover body stuff like your digestion - and why it’s so important, hormones, stress, mindset, sleep, movement, and sleep so that you can have the most vital and energetic body possible.

Inside these modules you’ll learn the hacks the pro’s use to having a healthy body and mind, without driving yourself around the bend, or feeling like a failure if you don’t do something the way the media thinks you should.


This is like the Vitamix of the program. We blend all the things you’ve learned so far and apply it to real life - because you don’t live in a bubble. Shit happens, and this is where we strategize. Learning how to manage if you are out to an event and there’s no healthy food, how to keep up your new habits while on vacation, or if you travel a lot for business. 

Week 5 is implementation week where you get to apply all that you’ve learned and come to the Q&A with your questions.


This is where what you’ve learned in these 6 weeks becomes habit. This is the time where you really start to notice the lifestyle shifts you’ve made.

This is the week you realize you no longer crave junk, where someone compliments your skin, where you can button your jean buttons, where you totally understand why you think the way you think and how to change course when you need to. During this week’s Q&A you get to tweak what’s not working for YOU. With 7 billion people on the planet, there are 7 billion potential diet and lifestyle hacks - this is the chance for you to customize it just for you - something I only do with my private clients.

Hiring a 1:1 coach to go through this 6-week transformation can be pricey and you’ll only hear one person's perspective on your health.

By enrolling in The Delicious Life Movement you’ll get all the support you need from me and your mastermind sisters while investing at a level that feels good to you.

This program grants you an exclusive invitation to get a behind the scenes look at exactly how I lost 60lbs and kept it off so that you can replicate my results! 

But with this DIY approach you’ll also experience extreme stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Then you’ll find yourself in exactly the same spot you’re standing in today - the only difference is maybe a year would have gone by!

Could you lose the weight on your own? Maybe.

But with this DIY approach you’ll also experience extreme stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. 

Then you’ll find yourself in exactly the same spot you’re standing in today - the only difference is maybe a year would have gone by! 

Will that be you? 

Right now you’ve got two choices: 

You can either head off into the wilderness and attempt to figure this out on your own,

You can access the exact structures and strategies I’ve used to lose weight, reverse health conditions, and change years of negative beliefs with ease, fun, and flow.

Want to Know if The Delicious Life Movement is for You?

We Can Start creating your Delicious Life if You:

Hold Off And Do Not Pass Go If You: 

  • Are a woman who is looking to be healthier and feel sexier. 
  • Desire guidance on how to lose weight without elimination or deprivation. 
  • Have a deep desire to finally change the patterns that are keeping you stuck. 
  • Want to learn how to dine out and travel and not gain a ton of weight. 
  • Want to transform your life forever and embrace freedom so that you can finally start to enjoy your life, your family and your hobbies again. 
  • Make peace with your body, mind and soul once and for all 
  • Don’t believe in paying for coaching for yourself because Dr Google has all the answers you need.
  •  Aren’t willing to do what it takes to make the necessary shifts to live the life you say you want. 
  • Would rather keep toiling along, struggling to desperately get healthy and change your life. 
  • Would rather continue to do diet after diet, or take shakes or pills. 
  • Are as lazy as heck and aren’t ready to let go of your old beliefs (thoughts like “I’m never going to figure this out”) 

You can sign up for The Delicious Life Movement today!

  • 6 weekly Coaching Audios $2000 Value 
  • 6 weekly Modules (fillable PDFs) with the exact steps to creating a Delicious Life $1000 Value 
  • Documents( need a good name) $297 Value 
  • Private Members Only Community for support and to get your questions answered! $397 Value 

Get on the Wailist!

Here’s why I know you’re ready: 

You won't take no for an answer (when it comes to making your dreams a reality) 

You’re tired of trying and failing - no more antics or 21-day cleanses or detoxes, it's time to put up and go all in! 

You’re committed to yourself and you want to get the support you need to finally make peace with food once and for all. 

Get on the Wailist!


I understand how scary it can be buying something online. However, after experiencing the power of this program, as well as leading hundreds of women through the experience, I believe in this program with my whole heart.I believe in it so much that I am offering you a 10 Day money back guarantee. But, here’s the deal: I only want to work with women who are committed, because part of “getting real” is realizing no experience is going to save you. You have to be willing to invest the time and effort into yourself. Let me be really clear. 

The Delicious Life Movement is not another diet. It is not another how-to. It’s a game-changing experience that requires your commitment to YOURSELF. So, if you just want to “try it out” without taking it seriously, this program is NOT for you. However, if you enroll in the program and complete all the assignments, and after 10 days, you feel that I am not delivering everything I said I would and the program is not a good fit, I will refund your money. However, you will be asked to show proof of completed assignments since the program is only as effective as the effort you put into it.

© 2017 Krisha Young | This is not a medical program, and any of the health advice given is generic and not intended to heal, cure or harm. Please consult your medical practitioner for advice before starting any kind of health program, including this one.

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