Elite Level Training – for Sales Professionals, Start-Up’s, and Executives


Krisha Young, High-Performance Coach & Lifestyle Strategist, is available to speak to your organization providing elite-level training on how your team members can take better care of themselves, and that having more energy and clearer thinking leads to more productivity and better sales. 

Your people have a unique lifestyle. High pressure to sell and perform, odd hours, perhaps lots of sitting or driving, lots of dining out with clients – the usual tips and techniques used for improving your lifestyle don’t always work.

As an entrepreneur who mainly works with other entrepreneurs and business owners, I understand how to help your teams find healthy lifestyle hacks that work within their existing schedules, without feeling overwhelmed or like it’s “one more thing to do”.

Introducing healthy lifestyle strategies to your team of professionals will give them an edge over the competition – who doesn’t want that?

Choose from one of the following topics:

  • High Performing Teams / Individuals: Powerful strategies to become more efficient, productive and profitable.
  • Natural Solutions to Beat the 3pm Slump
  • Brain Power: Boost your Brain with these 5 simple hacks
  • The High 5 Plan – 5 Tips to Performing Your Best
  • The 1% Plan – For the team who want to be the best, but have limited time to dedicate to personal improvement. The 1% Plan is for you if you are a busy start-up and want to halt the cycle of burnout due to the natural cycle of being in launch/reactivity mode.

Results will include:

Increased sales, better workplace happiness, reduced absenteeism, an increase in productivity, reduced health care costs, inspired leadership.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!



Past clients include:

Sunlife FinancialMcmillan LLP

Professional Bio

Krisha Young: Lifestyle Strategist & #sabotageslayer, founder of The Healthy Hustle Movement and Make Peace With Food for women entrepreneurs, executives and CEO’s.  Inspiring powerful women to live their best lives with ease, grace and in health. Featured in Huffington Post and I Heart Radio. Krisha is changing the way women approach health and hustle from one that promotes burnout and disease to one that allows healthy strength and longevity both in your body and your business.  Having spent 20+ years working alongside C-Suite executives, she also does corporate talks, public speaking and can be found on many social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter,and Facebook.