Private Coaching

Here’s How It Works:



This is perfect for you if you want to kick-start your new life in one area - finally get that business going, re-ignite your passion or super-charge your love life.

Possible Topics:

  • How can I finally find a man that honours and desires me?
  • I need to take my business to the next level but feel stuck or want to burn it all down.
  • Is this marriage/relationship for me anymore?

6 hours of coaching / 4-6 week Timeframe

Access to “on demand” coaching in between sessions via messaging app of your choice.

We drill down and drill deep into ONE specific topic that’s standing in your way of the technicolor life, the smoking relationship, or the explosive profits you long for.

We can spend an entire day together and go deep, fast. Or we can spread out 6 sessions over 6 weeks and take our time. You choose your own adventure.

Ask me about my exclusive in person VIP Pattern & Somatic Release Spa Day which includes a powerful body-focused Shiatsu treatment that will not only relax you, but help you ease pain, and release blocked tension, emotions and stagnant energy.

Either way, here’s what we will cover:

We’ll dig into the real cause of your blocks so we can dive in at the heart of the matter - no spending months in talk therapy. Let’s get right to the point so we can get you focused results.


In Skyward we don’t just cover one topic…we Spelunk your whole life.

This is perfect for you if you’re ready to go all in, have a burning desire to live in Technicolor, and are no longer willing to settle ANYWHERE.

If you’ve already been through coach after coach, read ALL the books, journaled, meditated, and done all the things to try to live full on and feel WILDLY ALIVE, but you still aren’t where you want to be? This is for you.

Using my most powerful process (Pattn Lee ai), techniques, and tools, we will shatter the patterns and blocks that keep you stuck just outside of the things you crave.


This is for the woman who knows she’s got more than one thing to look at, isn’t afraid to go all in and go deep, REALLLY wants to shift these things that are in your way.

It’s likely that you’re experiencing issues kinda everywhere but your life is pretty great. You feel you should be happier or more grateful, but something is off and you are feeling less than spectacular some days. A low-level meh that is really bothering you now.

Something’s up and you know it.

Skyward will help you work through it all in a gentle, yet powerful way.

We won’t blow up your life. You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t want to do. You are in charge of how fast or slow you work through the material and if you don’t want to touch on an area we will not until or unless you’re ready.

This container is for women who may not have anyone in their life that is really helping them because they are hyper-independent women who hate asking for help. I am here to hold that space for you.

So if you are ready to collaborate - I’m not here to save you - I’m here to support you to be the woman you always should have been.


Here’s how the Skyward coaching process works:

  • Weekly coaching sessions, spread over 10-12 months with breaks in between for integration so you can test out your newfound skillset, mindset and manifestation abilities and bring your results back for us to celebrate and tweak.
  • Access to “on demand” coaching in between sessions via the messaging app of your choice.
  • Complete library of tools inside Private Client Portal (My clients LOVE this!)
  • Weekly assessments to track progress.

We go through a similar process to an Intensive Day, but it covers anything and everything, with long term support to truly change your life.

Live a technicolor life because you are TOO amazing for living in beige.


Feel PASSION that sets your soul on fire…

And a BUSINESS that allows it all to stay in motion…