Cabernet and Kale 019: Intuition, Photography and Visual Storytelling Oh My

If you’ve ever felt like your photos have been lacking that special “something” you’re not alone and in this episode, my guest Mira Zaki shares how she captures her client’s essence in their photos in a way that often surprises them.

How being an empath has allowed her to create impactful visual storytelling that transcends her clients and her photography into a visual story.

She goes deep into why you don’t need to photoshop your images and why you don’t have to filter away who you are.

“Camera tells the truth and photoshop is the lie.” – Mira Zaki

Connect with Mira
Web: www.mirazakicom
Facebook: Mira Zaki

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Mira Zaki Bio
Untitled design 17 | Krisha Young

Seattle born, NY transplant. Intuitive, traveling photographer on a mission to empower women
through transformative photoshoots, impactful visual storytelling and to disrupt the
media by not photoshopping or conforming to their standard of beauty.

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