Children in the Kitchen

untitled | Krisha YoungI came home last night to find my husband and son cooking dinner together. It was honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen. My son was standing on a step ladder so he could reach the sink, and his responsibility was to supervise daddy and make sure he didn’t burn the pasta. My son is 18 months old, and I feel that it is never too early to get them into the kitchen to help out.  I used to stop him from getting into the utensil drawer so he wouldn’t make a mess of it. Then my husband told me a story about Chef Michael Smith, and how his mom used to let he and his brother(s?) play with all the kitchen stuff from a young age. And that’s what sparked his interest in cooking. After I heard that I thought it’s better to live with a bit of mess if it helps stimulate my child to learn new things and be creative with tools he has no idea how to use. And that way, when it comes time for him to really help out (when he’s a little older and less likely to throw everything everywhere), he will be familiar with these tools and hopefully want to use them.

Unfortunately I have a toddler who seems to not want to eat much at home, but eats very well at daycare. (hmmmm….maybe it’s my cooking?). But by having a positive attitude towards food, and teaching him how to cook and the importance of nutrients etc, hopefully he will take that with him into his teens and adult hood and be the healthiest he can be and not a statistic.

I’m sorry the photo isn’t clear, I literally had a split second to take it when I walked in the door, so used my blackberry. But grainy or not, it is in my opinion one of my favourite pictures of my family.

To your health.


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