Can You Manifest Weightloss?

Manifest, visualization, even wishing. Is it possible to manifest weight loss? My answer: If you truly desire it, it will happen.

Over the past few months I’ve been introduced to something called the Law of Attraction. It’s a very interesting theory. At it’s basic level, thoughts become things. So if you think of abundance and positivity, you will get that. If you think your life sucks and everything is horrible, well, you’ll get that.

And if you stop for a minute, take away the label, and think about it, it’s true.

But the concept goes beyond that and to dig deeper I suggest you look into Pam Groust (E Squared/ECubed) , The Secret and Abraham Hicks.

In terms of weight loss, is it possible to think yourself slim? Let’s take a look.

If you set yourself a goal, and you have pictures up on a vision board, add in affirmations and positive messages the chances of you achieving that goal is pretty high. It becomes part of your psyche, your energy, and your reticular activating system (the part of your brain that all of a sudden starts seeing things, like when you’re thinking of buying a new Honda, then all of a sudden EVERYONE drives a Honda) starts showing you things that resonate with your goals.

When you have weight to lose, effective strategies include goal setting and visualizing the body you want. But there may be more to it. You might be able to just simply think about your body in a different way. Perhaps in a positive way, then all of a sudden you’re not overweight, you’re large and in charge. When you start changing your thoughts, your things change too.

However, I don’t want you to fall into this trap of simply visualizing it if you’re also experiencing any kind of health issues such as digestive upset, problems with sleep or energy, mood swings etc. All of that comes down to what you put in your body, hormonal changes and the signals your body sends you shouldn’t be ignored. The more healthy foods you add, the more vital energy you’re giving your body and the more likely you’re able to positively visualize (manifest) weight loss.

You want to include high vibration foods like raw or slightly steamed veggies, fruits, whole grains, clean water, herbal teas, green drinks. All of this stuff sends signals to your body and then your brain. It says “OMG I’ve been DYING for these vitamins and minerals, thank you, I am now going to repay you with increased energy, mental clarity, clear skin and weight loss!”. And to that you go off and write in your gratitude journal how grateful you are for the abundance of food in your life and what it is doing for your body and soul.

Any of the recipes on my site fit this criteria so have a peek around and be thankful for this gift of being able to have choices for your food and the ability to decide if you want organic or not. Love your body, for it has taken you many places, loved and protected you. It’s time to do the same in return.


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