Cabernet & Kale Episode 023: You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup: Learn Why Boundaries Matter

After essentially becoming a full time caregiver to family members and having a BIG wake up call, it all came into perspective for my guest Veronica Hislop, Veronica discusses the personal shake up that led to a career and mindset change. Plus, we get into what holds us back from creating stronger boundaries with the people in your life; what are boundaries? Why are they important?

We also talk about how you can stand in your own personal power and really stand firm and create boundaries for yourself and how it will ultimately make you a healthier person.  

Bio: Veronica Hislop
Veronica Hislop | Krisha YoungA past Family Therapist, Trauma Counsellor and now Life, Relationship Coach Veronica Hislop is a proven professional who can guide you to address your stress, let go of old stories that may be keeping you stuck while inspiring you to create new empowering stories that moblize you in moving forward. Veronica helps women to REDISCOVER who they are, REINVEST in what is important to them, RECREATE new and different ways of interacting that honour the self, establish self-worth and boost self-esteem – all of which lead her clients to finding healthy and empowering ways of seeing themselves and interacting with others.

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