Acceptance is more about accepting how you actually feel and less about accepting a bad situation. The key to feeling acceptance is feeling it, feeling it in your body. Being a bodymind expert Ani has lots of tools that she shares with us in this jammed packed Podcast.

Ani talks about how we are taught how to feel and how the way we are taught to accept keeps us locked in guilt.  

Emotions are thoughts plus sensations. People don’t often talk about sensations but rather get trapped in talking about pain or sex but not sensations like pleasure.

My special guest Ani Anderson is going to blow your mind with her amazing tools, vision and new way of looking at living below the chin.

Bio Ani Andersons
With over 20 years experience in the field of self-mastery and bodymind medicine, Ani has inspired thousands to create a deeper quality of life in business and relationships. A professional performer in NYC, an occupational therapist in the western system, a mom, a mystic, a holistic bodyworker, business owner, and coach… with all her experience in the field of transformation, Ani’s message is simple; “You were meant to FEEL more BLISS in your life than you can possibly imagine.


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