Cabernet and Kale Episode 007: F**k Fear & Get Out of Your Own Way

Welcome to Episode 007 of the Cabernet and Kale Podcast
Has fear ever held you back from doing something that you held you back from doing something that you KNOW will help you step into who you were REALLY meant to be?  I know EXACTLY how that feels but it doesn’t have to be that way, I promise.

I’m talking about how to move past FEAR and step into the person that you REALLY want to be.  Why playing small will keep you from saying “HELL YES” and how “Relentless Rituals” helped me 10X my revenue and get better results in my life.

Make sure you stay on until the end where I have a special assignment for you.

Resources and Links Mentioned
Bob Proctor: The Terror Barrier
David Neagle: Listen Here

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