Discover how you can tap into your FEMININE power — unapologetically, even if you’re in a masculine dominated environment.

WARNING: This Podcast ain’t your typical pink lipstick and heels, bubble bath and kittens podcast.  In this episode, we go deep with Dana Pharant, Inner Dominatrix as she shares her expertise on how to claim your feminine energy and it’s not how you might think.

She shares an incredibly simple but powerful technique to start connecting and tapping into your inner power and intuition; and why you need to give yourself permission to surrender to this process, even though it might be scary.

Dana Pharant Bio

Dana Pharant is a Master healer, life strategist, published author and past CEO of a near 7-figure business and former Dominatrix. Dana is a transformational coach who uses dynamic tools for rapid change, her kick-ass energy and ability to perceive, pinpoint and pop the problem limiting you, your body or your business while having fun.

You can find Dana at:
FB GroupAccess your inner dominatrix
Podcast:  Inner Dominatrix Podcast

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