I want to take you behind the scenes of how it all began.  I’m going to get real and raw and share with you in this episode how I ended up here and what brought me to coaching and a space of serving others with eating healthy, reducing stress and above all mindset.

I’m a lifestyle strategist and transformational coach which really is a fancy way of saying that I combining the power of holistic nutrition and transformative coaching.  This is a unique blend of coaching that no one else in the industry is currently doing and allows me to create a coaching experience that you won’t get anywhere else.  

I get real about the effects of being raised by a Mom who was an alcoholic which often this left me with feelings of being unloved, terrified, and a lot of self-hate.  

How I was able to change my victim mindset where I was walking around with self-doubt and a belief that no one would ever like me never mind love me.

How I went from working a high-stressed job with several illnesses and deep depression to navigating my way through nutrition and transformational coaching that allowed me to lose 60 lbs and became a healthier version of me that is here today helping transform lives.