Cabernet and Kale 014: How one woman went from dreading getting up to looking forward to her days

Welcome to the Cabernet and Kale Podcast: Episode 0014

Today I am doing a very special Podcast Episode with one of my amazing clients Cindy, who is a real life woman and who has had real life struggles.

She happens to be a perfect example of how anyone can go from being burnt out, stressed out, struggling with menopause and weight gain.  She went from dreading getting up in the morning to feeling excited to start her day with more energy than ever before.

Cindy shares the cycle that held her under for nearly two years. Stuck in trying one-off solutions like going to the gym, different diets and a ton of supplements all at various points; and how by doing the inner work over six months she was able to turn it all around.

How do you open yourself up to receive what the universe has for you?

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