Cabernet and Kale Episode 013: What Finding Your Personal Essence Really Looks Like

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This episode is going to be a bit of an edgier episode.  I’m going to step outside of my norm and share my intimate and personal journey into finding my essence.

First of all, let’s define “essence” so we’re all on the same page. To me essence is how you show up in the world, how you make people feel, the impression you leave in the room.

Because life is best lived with real examples, I’m sharing the one process that cracked open my vulnerability to love and being seen and heard and how fear can play a big role in keeping you disconnected from what you really want more of.

You’ll hear how I was able to uncover how I make decisions and how fear has been playing a big part in my decision making; which I’m going to guess maybe part of your decision making as well.

I walk you through the one exercise I did with my coach to unearth my personal essence and how you can apply this same exercise to start forming yours.

Once you’ve listened to the Podcast I want you to ask yourself these questions to go a little deeper.

  • Where are you closing yourself off?
  • Where can you do a little more of the thing you long for?
  • If you’re being honest with yourself where are you blocking yourself off from or why you’re blocking it?
  • Are you taking the action steps to get through your block?

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