Welcome to Special Edition 003c of the Cabernet and Kale Podcast

Today we have a special guest, Marla Mattenson, Sex & Relationship Coach for Couples and Relationships & Restaurants is the theme of today’s podcast. Marla and I are redefining intimacy and what it really means to have a healthy, sexy and fulfilling relationships.

We’re going to cover:
How having sex for only 3 minutes can add a ton of passion to your relationship.
The hierarchy of bullshit and how it can ruin a relationship. 
How monogamy is a choice, and how to talk to your partner if you’re thinking of cheating.

Raw, real and juicy. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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Our Special Guest
Marla Mattenson is a frequent speaker on the topic of relationships and intimacy and over the course of her 22 year career she’s helped more than 12,000 couples including Academy Award winning actors, producers, directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award winning artists, and entrepreneurs to heat up their relationships.

You can find out more about Marla over at http://www.marlamattenson.com