Cabernet and Kale 015: How to Step Into Your Power and Confidence Exploring Your Sensual Side

Cabernet and Kale 015: How to step into your power and confidence through exploring your sensual side.

Warning this is not your normal Podcast episode as I explore 50 Shades Of confidence, feminism, and business with Veronica Yanhs.

Veronica shares how she was able to cultivate what she has learned from BDSM and kink into a mind, body, soul practice that she could share with others who are interested in exploring this side of themselves.

She explains how kink and BDSM taught her to become a better communicator in all of her relationships, practice being unapologetic for what you like and what you want while channeling it all into more confidence.

We wrap up this fascinating podcast with three real life examples of how you can start the conversation with your partner if you’re interested in exploring BDSM or Kink.

Veronica Yanhs Bio:
Headshot | Krisha YoungVeronica’s mission in life is to empower people to unapologetically lay themselves bare. That is, stripping away (you can take that as literal or figuratively as you desire) the things they don’t need that prevent them from living their most vibrant life. She recently started Desires Laid Bare: a monthly membership site focused on kink and BDSM for beginners, guiding those ready to explore in a safe, tasteful, and fun way.


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