Cabernet and Kale Episode 012: with Special Guest Anne McGinley and Rich Sims

Join me and my two guests Anne and Rich of Big Breath Studios as they talk about how to physically and mentally shift yourself into the state of calm.

They share a super simple breath exercise that you can do anywhere and we chat about how you can find ways to bring consistency and new habits into your lifestyle (no matter how busy you are).

Anne tells us why paying attention to your breath is like a depositing money in the bank.

You’ll want to stay till the end to find out how and when to incorporate your breath practice and how to grab your free 2 Minute Breathing at the Beach Audio:

Anne McGinley & Rich Sims Bio:
Hey, we’re Rich and Anne. We created Big Breath Studios to bring you fun, engaging ways to “get your calm on” by breathing. Yes, breathing! We know it’s something that happens all day long, but did you know there are ways to breathe that can help you lead a life filled with energy, a sense of peace, and a more joyful spirit! Together we have over 50 years of breathing practice and teaching under our belts in our fields of yoga and the martial arts. Our expertise is in distilling these practices down to their essential elements so you can learn how to finally, truly take big deep breaths. We create short, entertaining videos combined with downloadable audio tracks and tools so you can “take a breather” anytime, anywhere you need to. We are here to support you in developing a calm, clear mind, along with a sense of vibrant health. You got this!

Where can you find Anne and Rich?
Free Breathing at the Beach Audio:

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