Welcome to the Cabernet and Kale Podcast: Episode 010 
Join Samantha Ushedo and me while we jam on the importance of self-care when it comes to your health and wellness and how we miss the mark when we only look at the physical self-care

How the inner shit talker can often be awful and negative to ourselves and how turning down the volume of the inner-critic helped her with her internal self-care.

And how Samantha was able to look at her skin kinder more gentler way through thought work.  How you can stop ignoring what you need and get what you need and why you deserve to live deliberately rather than by default.

Oh and listen to the end to get the down low on Shit That Nutritionist Say and a get a killer recipe.  

Samantha’s Professional Bio
Medical Sales Professional by day, enthusiastic Lifestyle and Empowerment Coach by night, Samantha Ushedo is passionate about teaching women to honour their cravings and empower their lives, one self-love practice at a time. She brings a fierce, fun and fresh approach to personal development and works with women who crave “more” out of life. When she’s not coaching, blogging, or helping develop the next generation of female leaders through her work with Girl Talk Empowerment, you can find her getting sweaty in the gym or sprinting up the soccer field any chance she gets. Samantha currently resides in Toronto, Canada. To learn more about Samantha, her private coaching options and the launch of her new podcast by visiting http://www.SamanthaUshedo.com.

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Girl Tak Day in Toronto on June 6, 2017.

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