So I realize I really missed the mark with this blogging thing. I started this blog to get all the thoughts in my head onto paper but I only wrote 3 or 4 posts back in 2011. I love to read and write and am so glad I live in today’s age where I can just do this, and maybe, someone, somewhere out there will read my stuff and like it. But I totally missed the opportunity to blog about school and my journey there, but to be honest I was so stressed out all the time with deadlines, tests etc, along with a newborn, a three year old, a full time job etc…blogging was last on my list. Now that I’m finished with school I’m going to focus my blogging on my new journey of living my dream (more on that below). I’ll write about my day to day triumphs and struggles, interspersing with tales of my kiddies, useful nutrition health posts along with recipes. Going forward, that is what this blog is going to look like.

If you are reading this, I would really like to get to know you. Please comment below and tell me about yourself. How old are you, what are your interests, what would you like to see more of on here…etc. Or send me an email via my Contact me page. I’m just a one-woman operation right now and so will see and read and respond to every one. Sign up for my updates via any of the sign up boxes that appear all over this website. Going forward I will have a newsletter and will eventually offer online programs and maybe even e-books so I’d love it if you were in the loop! I’m also on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is probably my favorite because it’s easy, and I like taking pictures. So if you’re so inclined, follow me there too.  Pinterest is also a place where I occasionally hang out and to be honest I’m not sure why I don’t go there more often since I love beautiful images. I’m also going to try my hand at You Tube! Yikes! Where’s your favorite online hangout spot? 

The topics I’m likely to cover include, but aren’t limited to:

Holistic lifestyle

I hope these things interest you too!

To enhance this blogging journey of mine I am enrolled in a blogging course that is teaching me how to blog efficiently and build an audience, I’m on several Facebook communities for Mamma CEOs and the like, I have lots of books to read and webinars to watch. I just bought Blog Inc from @ohjoy’s Joy Cho. It’s been hard to get any of this done since I do have two little kiddies and they are obviously my priority, and so that means I blog, read, watch, in 2-5 minute intervals. In fact, as I write this my 3.5 year old is home from daycare and is fighting his nap…so my attention is divided. So I imagine it may take me a little white to build my empire but I am determined to do so…I hope that you will follow my journey and I hope that you enjoy what I write about.

Like many people out there I am tired of the rat race and of working for someone else. I always knew I wanted to get into some sort of care role, but I didn’t know where that was. I had a couple false starts with psychology and homeopathy, and finally landed on nutrition. I love nutrition and cooking and food and I love hearing from people about how simply changing one thing has made a huge impact on their lives. As part of my requirement to graduate I saw 12 clients (plus 2 follow ups), and every single one of them has reported back to me a drastic improvement in how they feel. Symptoms they didn’t even know they had went away, they lost weight, they have more energy. It’s amazing. And if I hadn’t personally experienced it myself I probably would be skeptical. It’s something I feel so strongly passionate about and am just waiting to find out if I passed my final exam to start practicing for real. 

So in order to fulfil my passion I have to do a few things, I need to go back to work for awhile to pay the bills, but all the while I will be building this dream. I need to learn about running online programs, and how to build my website (I’ve built this entire thing watching you tube videos!). I want to reach people who live near me but I also want to reach people across the globe. So if you live in Mexico, Mumbai, Malta or Mauritius, I want to hear from you. Technology has come so far and it’s only getting better, this means I can consult over the phone or skype, I’m available via email, I can run online programs, I can run Facebook support groups where there is generally always someone online. But the main reason why I am on this mission is so that I can spend more time with my children. It’s breaking my heart having to send my youngest to daycare next week. I haven’t stopped crying…it’s been very hard. My vision is to work my butt off for myself and my family, and since my world is my laptop or my iphone I can do it from anywhere. I am totally inspired by those families who travel for a year at a time with their kids and would love to be able to do that with them very soon. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and I hope you find this journey as exciting as I do!

Please tell me about yourself. I’m genuinely interested and want to provide relevant content to you but unless I know my audience, I can’t do that, so do a girl a favour and drop me some comments below! Thank you to those of you who have been reading from the beginning, and I apologize if I’ve been all over the map. I have so many interests and so much I want to share, it’s a little bit of blogADD. 

Hope to hear from you soon!




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