Blend vs Juice

Blend vs. Juice

What’s the diff?
I get asked this question a lot. Here’s the down lo…
Juicing: when you use a juicer to extract only the juice from veggies and fruit.
Benefit: like a heroin hit of vitamins and minerals straight to your blood stream. No digestion required.
Caution: When juicing fruits you are only getting the glucose (sugar) without any fibre to slow things down so I’d recommend juicing with greens and veggies more than fruits.
Blending: when you throw everything but the kitchen sink into a blender and whizz! Wheee! 
Benefit: You can stick so much stuff into a smoothie to hit your targets for the day. Fat from coconut oil, nuts, seeds, flax etc can be easily added, it’s a great way to get a shit ton of greens in you, it’s portable, it can be a great meal replacement. It’s full of fibre so will keep you fuller longer and slow down the release of sugar into your blood which = happy hormones!
Caution: Some commercially available smoothies are really nothing more than fruit and yogurt/water. I’d go for the green ones to get the real benefit of a smoothie, and don’t be afraid to experiment at home! I’ve made some nasty ass concoctions, but just think “this is good for me” as it’s going down lol.
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