Always follow your GUT feeling

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at Powerful Women Today, an event dedicated to women looking to empower themselves, feel more confident and go after the BIG dreams they have.

I was invited to do a “movement” break for the audience and at first I thought I would do something around how “sitting is the new smoking” and how sitting all day begets a lot of stress and stagnancy. Both things that block our amazingness and cause you to feel exhausted by 3pm.

Anyway, when I really TUNED IN to the conference, the verbiage Carolina Billings used on her sales page and realized that I KNOW women and what they need, I changed my whole approach.

I took a risk and wanted to take the audience through a short but powerful exercise around tapping into the wisdom inside their bodies.

The gist of it was that they were at this conference, vibing high, and getting really great info, but they’re all gonna go home. And at some point, while at home, something will go sideways. The kids will be kids, a sale will fall through, whatever – something will happen to knock you off your perch. I took them through the physical contrast of allowing that knock to drive them to the bottle, or to the fridge or to whatever their vice is, and instead to the power of owning your own power inside your body. Of standing tall, shaking it off (the stress, worry, lack, rejection – whatever), and tapping into what the answer is – listening to that inner voice, the one that is a little scary.

If you’re not sure, your intuition is the voice that you reject a lot. The voice you are like “OMG No, that’s way outside my comfort zone”. The voice that tells you something is not right. The voice that says “Holy shit, this is so exciting!”.

It may have been a little out there for people who don’t really use intuition as guidance (most people don’t), and for women who operate a lot out of a masculine go-go-go state all of the time. I was worried it would be too “woo woo”. Even my clients ask me how to tap into intuition, and how do you tell the difference between intuition and impulse – so I knew this room would be open, but maybe a little confused as to how.

But I was certain in my GUT that this was the RIGHT MESSAGE that the audience needed to hear. Not what they WANTED to hear, but what they needed to hear.

So I went with it. I totally could have done a 5-minute cardio or yoga workout, but I knew that getting deeper than that is what would really MOVE them. And the feedback has been amazing.

It was a huge surprise to me to hear the speakers and the panel before I came on talk about this very stuff. I was so happy to hear women on the panel talk about feminine and masculine energy, to talk about trusting your intuition and feeling your body!

I know this is a new conversation – especially in corporate, and so against status quo – but it’s a CRITICAL conversation to have, both for men and women.

It was beautiful to witness a conference that didn’t just focus on sales. finances, numbers, networking blah blah blah, but that also dove deep into the mindset and spiritual side of owning a business and being a totally tapped in entrepreneur.

If I had gone for my first idea of what I wanted to say (which came from a place of “people pleasing” and not gut instinct), I would have been so off course and really been in dissonance with the day.

So the lesson here? ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT.

Your GUT, your INTUITION is your guiding light. It’s the one thing that separates you from your competitor, it’s the one thing that will never, ever steer you wrong.

If you’re curious about how to tap into this superpower of yours, grab a spot in my calendar, I can help you discover it really quickly – it’s the most powerful tool you have.

How do you open yourself up to receive what the universe has for you?

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