A love letter to my tribe:

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It breaks my heart when…

I see you, sitting there.

Unhappy. Yet pretending to be happy.

Unsettled. Yet somewhat content.

Exhausted. Anxious.

Overweight. Overtired. OVER IT.

You want so much more out of life but feel you probably shouldn’t.

It’s for other people. You should be grateful for what you DO have, and to desire more, well, it’s selfish.

But you have a longing. A deep desire. To be more, have more, do more.

You’ve been a prisoner to your mind for so long now. The voice, it is fucking relentless.

She is so freakin loud. So mean. And yet, that voice is you.

She tells you not to do things, tells you you can’t do what deep down inside you want to do.

She tells you you’re a failure, a loser, ugly, fat, stupid, a horrible parent, horrible business owner, you may as well just give up.

You’ve tried to escape this voice. You’ve done the work, read the self-help books, maybe gone on the retreat (or want to!), you’ve journalled, you’ve dieted, you’ve detoxed and cleansed, you’ve hit the gym, joined the bootcamp, you’ve drank, you’ve eaten, you’ve cried, probably mostly in private.

You’re an accomplished woman – you have an MBA for crying out loud! You are successful, you are smart – why haven’t you been able to figure this out yet???

The outside world has no idea you feel this way and that makes you feel even more alone. Even more despair. How can you truly show the world how you really feel? How can you be the leader you are if people know you’re full of these mental demons?

So it comes out in other ways. Your attachment to that glass of wine that so nicely numbs the feelings and the thoughts. The box of cookies or chips and the Netflix binge that do the same.

The weight feels like armor. Yet it feels like someone else’s body. It’s protecting you and reminding you of your failures at the same time.

The weight is a physical representation of the hate you feel about yourself most days.

You long to be the woman from 10 years ago. You look at old pictures of yourself and wonder where things went wrong.

Feeling exhausted, sick and tired is a physical representation of the deep sadness frustration that lives inside of you because you feel as if the life you really want to live is simply not for you.

It’s a dark place. It’s a lonely place. It’s all shades of grey, black, blue.

But what if there was a little glimmer of light. What if there was someone out there who heard you. Really, truly heard you. Who didn’t judge you and who allowed you to cry, to hate on yourself out loud, who held up a powerful mirror so that you can finally see the beauty that really is in there. What if someone gave you permission to just be you.

I want to live in a world where women like you take charge of your life in the most meaningful way. And the journey to discovery begins with finding the small things that help move you towards a place of self-discovery. What do you actually like? What would you do for fun if you had zero judgment, all the money you needed, time, no kids, no job? What are you DYING to do every day? What do you see others doing that you’re jealous of? 

Who would you be without the voice inside your head telling you you’re no good?

Connect to her, because that’s you. And it’s someone else who told you you can’t tap into that side of you. And it’s because of this that you can’t lose weight. That you feel so exhausted all the time. That the inner bitch comes out in full force.

I’m here to tell you it’s safe. It’s OK. Shed that expected image of yourself and let’s get closer and closer to the real you. The powerful, confident woman who lives deep inside but is burying that side under compulsive behaviours like eating too much or too much of the wrong stuff, drinking too much, who can’t sit in silence because the thoughts – the thoughts are so loud and dangerous. And nobody understands, and if anyone knew…

My love, come to me. I understand this journey. I also took this journey. I am on this journey. I understand the guilt and the shame. I deeply get that voice. I know what it feels like to place myself at the bottom,to not trust my inner voice, and to ignore my very deeply desired needs. And let me tell you, it never ends pretty.

No 7 or 21 day program is going to help you with this, otherwise it would have by now. Ignoring it also won’t work. It’s your time. It’s your time to give yourself the gift of you back, even if you think you’re too far gone for help.

I want you to have real, true love for yourself, and from that place your confidence levels will skyrocket. You will finally unapologetically shine. You will finally be free. The weight falls off. You control the thoughts in your head vs. them controlling you. The energy is palpable. There is a hint of a smile on that beautiful, glowing face more than ever before. There is a strength in the heart that wasn’t there before, or for a long time. People around you respect you, the love you feel for and from others is clear and bright. Anxiety is something you used to live under but now are almost free from. The sheer lightness that fills your body from every angle is yours. Feel it, touch it. Taste it. It’s yours.

Imagine, it’s 6 months from now. What’s your life like? Are you still fighting with yourself? Are you still overwhelmed and exhausted? Are you still stuffing your face with food or booze? Are you still in a battle with food or your body? Are you still only scratching the surface and playing the lottery with your life?

Or, in 6 months from you are actually feeling true happiness. You’re so much more confident. The voice, yeah, she’s still there, but you can control her now instead of her controlling you. You understand your body, your intuition, your needs, your desires, so much more now and know that you are the one in control and you feel so empowered. You take so much better care of yourself now and don’t feel remotely guilty about it!

I know that seems impossible. It did for me too when I first started, but the weight, the heaviness of the pain was too much for me to bear anymore so I took one step. Then another. Then another. And through it all I grew, I became more loving. I finally understand what the word love actually means and feels like when before it felt like something others had and wasn’t for me. Now I am pure love, and you are too.

That’s why I created my suite of Delicious Life programs – to help you design a life you want to live in.

Let’s get you there together. Allow me to guide you on this, the most important trip you will ever take. And once you do, all those surface problems: the belly fat, the sleep problems, the bloating, the negative thoughts and beating yourself up, the overwhelm and stress, the stress or emotional eating, the weight gain, the self-hate, fear, doubt & worry all become a thing of the past.

It all starts with a simple click. Just one small step towards that life that’s already within you.

Love you.

Right now, I would love for you to click right here and take control of your life by receiving a complimentary coaching session with me to get you on the path towards feeling better.  I give you permission – it’s safe for you to take this chance, it’s safe for you to let go of old habits that no longer serve you. Get curious about what your life could be like – and it all started with this one session.

With all my love …

Krisha xo

Me before and after