Is Stress Making You Sick?

In my practice, the majority of clients I see have some sort of stress or overwhelm going on in their lives. Let’s face it, who doesn’t!?

A lot of people dismiss how much of an impact stress has on their lives, even claiming they’re not stressed at all! 

However, your body tells a story, and as a holistic practitioner, I can read it like a book and see the writing on the wall.

Check out this infographic…if you are experiencing a lot of these symptoms, then stress is a likely culprit.

Your body doesn’t distinguish between good or bad stress, so even if you don’t “feel” stressed out (because you are a high performer who just gets shit done), I would still encourage you to stop for a moment and listen to the signs your body is giving you.

Now don’t worry, in order to manage all of this you don’t need to become a Buddhist monk (although if you want to I won’t stop you!), just grab my free 7 day challenge to help get you out of overwhelm using simple tools I use with my high-end VIP clients who are all very busy executives, entrepreneurs and parents – these people have NO TIME, and yet they find time for this, so I know you will too!

Check out the infographic here.


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