It’s TIME, Women

It’s sad that seeing a woman in her full Goddess energy is incredibly rare.

So rare that I can find her amongst a sea of hundreds of masculine-driven women because she is the one who is effortlessly radiating happiness, confidence and sensuality. She’s the one every woman and every man is sneaking glances at, not because she’s dressed sexily or looks like a model, but because she is simply magnetic.

Perhaps you’ve seen this woman, perhaps you long to be this woman?

I’m so over seeing women:

  •  Towing the line and being “good girls” by staying energetically small and clustering with other energetically small women.
  •  Avoiding eye contact, crossing her arms over her body, laughing quietly and not speaking up.
  •  Or, alternatively, being “queen-like” but actually just being a bitch by ignoring most people because the “queen” is a label and not a full embodiment.
  •  Running from thing to thing, project to project, task to task, book to book, podcast to podcast, gathering more information into a brain that is already so packed with data that she isn’t using because she doesn’t know what to do – so she defers her power outside of her.
  •  Exhibiting the energy of conformity, obedience, smallness, being quiet and being good; because to rock the boat means someone else suffers.
  •  Seeing these gorgeous women who are so smart, so talented, successful, brilliant and loving yet are burnt out, stressed, pulled in a thousand different directions. Dull. Checked out. Overweight or unhappy with her body. Sexless or mediocre sex. Silently crying. Desperately wishing she could run far away and escape to peace, harmony and joy.

I call TIME on this. 

The planet NEEDS women to embrace, and embody the power of the Feminine. The Ascended Woman: Feminine Rising takes women through our signature process to evoke the Goddess within and say goodbye to the people-pleasing, burnt out woman who has had enough of placing herself last on the list. 

A woman emerges from this profoundly transformative day with a deep knowing of who she is, how she is here to serve and OWNING every part of her. She has all eyes on her in the best way, she TAKES UP SPACE. She literally radiates joy and feels every inch of herself and plays with it like a true sovereign queen.

It’s TIME women. 

It’s time for us to own our space, to become deeply rooted in our superpowers as women not only for ourselves, but because the planet desperately needs it.

Come and play with us, your experience awaits you.

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