5 Reasons you might not be losing weight

1. Too many diets – messes up your metabolism & hormones


2. No physical activity


3. Eating too much, even of healthy stuff


4. Upper limit/sabotage


5. Holding onto the weight (unconsciously)


  1. Going on diet after diet can do a number on your hormonal system which in turn makes it much more difficult to lose the weight. Re-balancing hormones, which sounds complicated, but it’s not impossible, is the key to revving back up your metabolism.
  2. Having zero physical activity can certainly impact weight loss. So can too much. Exercise is only part of the equation, it’s certainly more about what you eat, but physical activity kicks it into overdrive and really helps shape your body.
  3. You may already be on a healthy diet, check your portion sizes. Carbs are still carbs, and fat is still fat. Coupled with points 1 & 2 above, this may be a reason you’re not losing weight.
  4. When we embark on any kind of change our subconscious does not like it. It will do whatever it can to keep you “safe” which means if you’ve played the record your whole life that you’re just “big boned”, or “no matter what I try I can’t lose the weight (so I give up)” – that’s your ego kicking in so that you don’t go outside your comfort zone. Maybe you just haven’t found the right thing yet. There is always a key for every lock.
  5. Tying into point 4, above, sometimes we build an identity around how we look. If all your friends are also overweight, how will they feel if you start to make changes and get results? Will they be happy for you, will they passively-aggressively make comments that make you feel bad? The big question is: Who are you without the weight? (Or, without diabetes, PCOS, celiac, [insert condition here]). There is a lot of love, camaraderie and belongingness that comes with having something, with constantly “trying to do something (lose weight, get healthy)”. Letting go of that is BRAVE, and it takes guts. Right now you are someone with a weight problem working hard to be thin…but staying in that perpetual zone will never get you results. You need to be brave and push past that and deeply, truly desire the results – because they will come, and deep down you know that, and that’s what is scary. But I believe in you. <3 

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