5 easy workouts you can do at your desk

I spent many, many years in a corporate job sitting at a desk all day, so I know firsthand how unhealthy it is. Some companies are leading the change by offering standing desks, treadmill desks,or health and wellness incentives (like offering $500 a year to spend on whatever – a gym membership or a new Lulu Lemon wardrobe). But the sad fact is most companies don’t give a shit about your health. They only care about bottom line: profit.

So, how do you reconcile this? You take control of your own health – starting with desk-ercise.

These five workouts are easy, inconspicuous and help you feel like you’ve accomplished something other than hole-punching and stapling.

1. Just take the stairs

Seriously. Capable people taking the escalator or elevator ticks me off. You have a broken leg? Fine. You’re over 75 and a bit frail? Fine. You have arthritis or another condition that makes it hard for you to walk? Hire me first. But fine.

Stop being so lazy and take the stairs. Your butt will thank you.

2. The butt penny grab

Squeeze your but as though you’re trying to pick up a penny and hold for a count of 10. Let go, then repeat 20,000 times, or until your butt falls off.


workout at your desk

Me and my team. Gettin shit done.


3. Abracadabra

Sitting in your chair, lift your legs and arms. Hold for eighty-five seconds, or until it hurts so much you start to hate kittens, then release. Repeat. Remember to breathe.

4. Walk, don’t email

If you are sending an email to a colleague who sits next to you? Please hand in your resignation because you are too lazy to be worthy of picking up your paycheck. Get up, walk over, say hello, ask your ask, then go back to your desk and send an email follow-up if you need physical evidence of your ask.

5. Sexy calves

While standing at the copier or printer or in line for coffee, do some calf raises. Now you have sexy calves you can rock in your Louboutins.

All joking aside, it’s important we take regular breaks whether at a corporate gig or working at home. (And the latter is worse because there is no delineation in your day). Schedule breaks in your calendar so you actually do this. Prioritize eating lunch and snacks so you have the energy and stamina to cope with colleagues or your launch, or whatever it is that’s on your radar.

How do you stay fit during the day? Tell me in the comments below.


**Just joking about the picture, that’s not me nor is it my team. But it could be!


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