3 phrases to NEVER say if you want to play big in this world.

❌”I can’t afford that”

❌”I have bills to pay”

❌”There is NO WAY I’m investing at that level”

3 sentences that should NEVER EVER leave your mouth again if you want to play big in this world.

Hey, I get it, I used to say that ALL the time. Terrified of making investments, scared I wouldn’t make the payments. If I didn’t HAVE the money or couldn’t SEE how I could get it, I would have said no to the opportunity.

And then I started to experiment.

I was at an event in Montreal in 2016. I hadn’t signed a client for around 2-3 months and things were getting really tight. I was terrified. I arrived in Montreal going on the train economy class and stayed in a cheap hotel – away from the Ritz hotel where the event was taking place. I felt like shit. I was worried, scared, terrified I would have to go back to a “job”, terrified about how I’d pay for my mortgage, started feeling like the world’s worst mom because my kids! OMG my kids! What have I done!?

After the first day of the event, I decided to go to Pandora and purchase a small charm for the bracelet I had received as a gift 2 years earlier but never bought a charm for because “I couldn’t afford it” (also, there were some self worth issues there). I bought a $40 charm and put it on my bracelet.

I started to FEEL abundant. I still had no money, no clients, no prospects. But I pretended I did. I pretended I was staying at the Ritz, I pretended I had millions in the bank, and started to ACT AS IF. Yup – I used my credit cards. You bet I did.

By day 2, I was still terrified, but I kept looking at my charm. I kept feeling what it would feel like if I did have all the clients I wanted if I had a client who would pay me in full.

I decided to raise my rates – I wasn’t getting clients anyway so what’s the difference. I raised it to double what I was charging at the time because I was under-valuing myself.

By the end of day 2, I had a conversation with someone who wanted to hire me. I told him this new rate – shaking and doubting he’d pay – and he said YES.

He said YES.

I was in shock. Did I really just do it???? Did I really just sign a high-ticket client????

I was still in doubt on the way home, but tried to stay in faith – he said he’d pay me within 24 hours.

So, I upgraded my ticket home to business class (yup- on my credit card) so that I could continue to surround myself with the feeling of abundance. While on that train home, I met more people who ended up being in my community down the line.

By the time I got home that night, I had my first $FIVEFIGURE – USD deposited into my account.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone paid me that much money, in full, for me to support them.

Since then, anytime I have felt the panic around no clients or no money coming in, I’ve spent. I release the money to the universe so that I could get it back. I raise my rates, not lower them. I NEVER offer discounts (because then all I’m gonna do is attract people who want to discount me, and I end up feeling resentful).

I have so many more stories like this to tell you, and none of this is to brag – it’s simply for you to see that if you say those phrases above – that’s exactly what you’re gonna get – even if it’s true and your reality – it’s the acting as if and holding faith that you CAN have what you want is what will make the difference for you.

Your conviction about it working needs to be stronger than your conviction that it can’t or won’t work.

“When you’re in confusion or contradiction, the stronger image wins”David Neagle

If you get this, or WANT to get this, then you’re my people. If you’re shaking your head right now thinking I’m an asshole, then you’re either just not here yet, or too closed off to hear it. I suggest you experiment, but do so with a modicum of faith, and not with “this is bullshit and won’t work”…cause, well, guess what?

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PS- for the rest of that year, every time I signed a new client I gave myself the gift of a Pandora charm…each one of these charms represents a client I worked with that year – 10 beautifully AMAZING people who said YES to living their best lives ever. <3 And the crazy thing? The charm I bought in Montreal was blue…and I ended up working with my first man. Oh Universe, you so silly!

PPS – if you’re curious on how you can make these shifts in your life, click here – https://krishayoungcln.as.me/slay

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