10 Tips for Healthy Travelling

Travelling is an inevitable part of the busy entrepreneur or executive’s life. It’s exciting going to a new city, or meeting people from another office across country, or even travelling for pleasure, but I bet my Louboutin’s that your diet goes out the window when you do travel. And if you do this monthly, you’re likely starting to experience the not-so-nice side effects of unhealthy eating.

My top 3 tips to stay healthy while travelling are:

  1. Bring snacks with you for the journey. Things like a home-made trail mix of raw, unsalted nuts, raisins or cranberries, and cacao nibs or vegan chocolate chips (way yummier than it sounds) is a perfect snack to take with you; it’s not messy, it’s filling, and it’s good for you with the protein and fat. Other travel snacks include home-made granola bars and fruit like apples.
  2. Check out where the healthy eating joints are either en-route or at your destination. Find juice and smoothie bars, Whole Foods, or a local health food store or Farmer’s market. If you plan and scope it out before you go, you can avoid pit-stopping at the golden arches (then suffer the digestive and lack of energy consequences later).
  3. Scope out the local restaurants at destination – read their menus and see what kind of food they serve. If you have dietary issues or you’re vegan, call the restaurant and ask if they will accommodate. In most metropolitan cities, restaurants will do anything for you.

Click the below image to grab the remaining 7 tips and a printable travel checklist  you can take with you next time you travel.

grab your healthy travel guide here! (3)

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