Struggling to stay motivated& taking better care of yourself?

Grab the 5 Secrets to Slay Your Sabotages and Unlock Your Delicious Life

You know what to do to live a juicy, turned on life, but for some reason, you can’t make it last. The excuses pile up. You struggle with follow-through and motivation. Let’s slay all of that, NOW.

You know sometimes you wake up and look at your life and think “this isn’t me”? You’re so done “being everyone’s bitch”, and you want to “get the fuck out of your own way”.

Well, I’m here to help strong, amazing women just like you who are feeling that way take back control of how you live your life so you can have the confidence to go after whatever you want.

Consider this your go-to place to step into your best life. Begin to feel in control of your emotions, stop questioning yourself all the time, start to truly feel confident (no more faking it), crush the voices (internal and external) that are telling you that you can’t be successful or live against the status quo, let go of all the unnecessary crap holding you back from that big vision and mission you have brewing inside of you.

This is going to be unlike any other program out there. I’m not here to give you some temporary band-aid, or some weird esoteric pathway. You’re going to get no BS, real-life strategies that WORK.

This is for the woman who is ready. You’re ready to step into your full, healthy, happier life. But maybe you’re a little scared, worried you’ve tried so much and nothing works. Worried you don’t trust yourself to do the work. Worried you are so busy and overwhelmed you don’t have the bandwidth to take on one more thing – even if that one thing is YOU.

I get that. And this is why everything I create is with all of these things in mind. I challenge your thinking and the status quo and help you Slay your Sabotages so that you get real results. And I get you’re busy so everything I suggest can be done while you’re juggling ten bazillion other things including a busy career or kids (or both!).

How would it feel to have even more success and happiness without having to follow the old paradigm of working harder and harder and harder and following what everyone else wants you to do?

How would it feel to not question your instincts and unapologetically speak up without feeling guilty or worrying what others will think?


This is for the high performing woman who wants to be at the top of your game, physically, emotionally, spiritually but without the self sabotage or lack of confidence, that gets in your way of being your best self. You’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to sit and meditate for 3 hours a day just to chill out. Consider this the place where Buddha wears S&M gear and Louboutin shoes. It’s raw, it’s zen, it’s sexy and edgy. Just like you. Oh yes, I see you, it’s in there. 

This is the place you can be honest, vulnerable, and grow into the beautiful badass hidden under all those layers of stress, self-doubt and societal expectations.

Think I’m just a lucky, skinny bitch? I totally get where you are sister and transformed through my own journey myself. After I lost 60lbs, I realized that there was still a lot of work to do on my mindset and got hard to work on slaying the nasty bitch in my head and stepping up into the powerful woman I was deep inside, but kept hidden under layers of shame, negative self-talk and sabotages. You can read more about me here.

Me before and after

Step 1

Figure out the WHY

Why you continue to sabotage yourself (no consistency or follow through, anyone?), where you lost yourself along the way, why you say yes to shit you don’t want to do, why you compare yourself all the time, why you don’t trust yourself. Get to the root of the issue by interrupting the old patterns and retraining your brain so you can fix it once and for all. Stress and numbing out (bingeing out in front of the TV, too much wine, shopping, overworking…), not going after what you really want, thinking you should have this figured out by now, beating yourself up, overthinking, anxiety…there’s a root cause for this and I’m here to help you feel better, find your inner badass, and claim that feeling of being calm and collected – while still hustling (in a healthy way) and getting amazing shit done.

Step 2

Learn the HOW

Learn what you need to think, and do to feel amazing and in control. 90% of our work together is on mindset, belief structures and uncovering subconscious beliefs and blocks – in other words, retraining your brain. We will follow an effective and deep dive strategy that gets straight to the root of what’s going on in your body/mind/soul to help you move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Step 3

Pull it All Together

Implement what you’ve learned and make real, lasting changes that stick, so that you’re not once again wondering why you continue to self-sabotage. No more holding yourself back! This is your time to shine, and I will help you clear through all the crap that is keeping you stuck.