You May Have Done The Work...

But the dizzying cycles haven’t stopped and you're stuck in a lifeless rut and something feels like it’s missing.

…And That’s About To Change


Look, I know you’ve been through coach after coach and you’ve read ALL the books, journaled, meditated, and done all the things..

But the fact is the patterns that need breaking so you can reach them?

Remain untouched.

Whether you want to feel so WILDLY ALIVE again…

Or you want to have a relationship that is so JUICY, fulfilling and loving…

Or you want to reach those BIG stretch goals this year...

Your patterns MUST change in order to get you there.



This Is Where Change Begins

Live EMPOWERED, Not JUST Powerful

Fuck Being Stuck

I help entrepreneurial and professional kick ass women who are already successful (just like you) to have & be whatever they desire by helping you break the patterns that keep you:

In a life that just feels off and you know something is missing (but not exactly what).

Stuck in hurtful, passionless relationships.

Corraled by the fictional glass ceilings of your own mind.

And no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to crush that upper limit in relationships or in the success you want to have.

You’re a POWERFUL human, with so much more in you…but you’re not yet fully EMPOWERED.

Being EMPOWERED means you know you’ve GOT THIS and you SEE RESULTS in your life.

Results like peace, harmony, hot romance, aligned world-class success, and feeling lit up and inspired at every turn.

I'm Krisha Young.

The Pattn Lee a.

There is not a pattern or a belief I cannot get my clients through or around.

I am the coach they come to when they’ve figured out that other coaches can’t get them all the way to their highest selves.

I’m the coach who holds the flashlight when we deep dive into your life, your beliefs and your psyche to help you create the changes you crave on a soul level.


This Is Where Your Life-Limiting Patterns Finally Fall Away…For Good

Because my exclusive & proven Pattn Lee™ Framework...

Pulls you out of your rut (day-to-day life, financial, romantic, sexual...wherever you’re stuck)

Sets you on fire for life again

Ignites your libido

Unlocks greater profits

And so much more

My five-step Pattn Lee Framework will guide us through the stages of core wound breakthroughs, pattern recognition, and decision making so you can finally heal


Core Wounds Can Take Time To Heal And If You’ve Worked On Them For A While…


It Could Be That You Simply Have Not Spelunked Enough To Hit The Roots Of Them.

When you and I go spelunking (not sure what spelunking means? Click here), I leave no sneaky sabotage behind, no pesky pattern hidden. And using any combination of the research-backed tools I have at my disposal, we are able to discover what past attempts have not uncovered.

When You Take On Pattn Lee ai, You Take Your Life, Your Genius, Your Spirituality To A Whole New Level

Live EMPOWERED, Not JUST Powerful

Here's what some of my clients think about me...

Krisha Young is THE Pattern Release Coach when you're ready to get to the real truth. Krisha's work will have you step into feminine leadership in a way that feels powerful, attainable, and beautiful. In my time working with her, I made an extra $500k, landed a book deal, and got to work with my childhood crush, Joe McIntryre from New Kids On The Block! Krisha is an expert at going beyond thought work to create the life you really want. Whatever your heart desires: more money, to leave a roommate marriage, creating more passion in your work, or just clarity, Krisha's tell-it-like-it-is coaching and proven tools will get you there.

Successful woman, I was you, doing all the things but secretly considering burning it all down. Do yourself a favor and work with Krisha before you light that match.

before and after | Krisha Young

Kendrick Shope

I met Krisha serendipitously in the early days of starting my own life-coaching practice, and we set up a zoom meeting within the week. She nearly immediately brought up my fear of "taking up space". If I was to be a leader as a life coach, I needed to overcome this fear! Her observation was powerful so I booked her VIP Pattern Release coaching day and I was given homework so that she could really maximize the impact of my VIP day. Krisha is incredibly thorough, with an intention to truly break-through all the subconscious behaviours/conditioning. Most notably, Krisha created an inspiring, comforting and sacred space to explore my greatest blocks. I felt so at ease and comfortable sharing everything. I'm writing this 2 days after my VIP Pattern Release Coaching day and the revelations from our conversation are still coming in. My session with her opened up a much greater awareness of myself which I can never 'unsee' and I know that this will continue to help me evolve to my highest being.

Krisha Young is a ray of beaming light and highly conscious of life in its greatest manner and form. She made a huge impact on how I see myself and how I envision my future.

I love you, Krisha! Thank you!

IMG 0011 | Krisha Young

Tanya Kong
Lawyer and Life-Coach