Are you ready to ASCEND into the most expansive, highest version of yourself, and live an ENTIRELY new way of life?



If you are interested in transcending all that you have known, and powerfully living into your highest potential as a human being, you are in the right place!

That is a big claim, I know.

I can declare this with such conviction because my own deep transformation and evolutionary journey has profoundly impacted every area of my life. As a coach and guide, there is nothing I value more than truth ~ mine and yours ~ and this is what I am here for.

To access your deepest truth is to set you free; free from the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from fulfilling your destiny. Free to live in your natural state of flow, creativity, and joy. Also, LOVE. More love than you have ever known was possible.

Along with my business partner, Shauna Arthurs, I am proud to offer an exclusive and unique set of mentorship & coaching programs that reflect and amplify the effects of our own deep inner work, and our combined breadth of knowledge.

We are in the business of powerful conversations that transform lives.

If you have ever been to a motivational event and left feeling excited and fired up, only to have the ‘gravity’ of your existing life pull you back into old patterns, you know that motivation alone does not work. We are here to support deeper, lasting change. We provide tools and sacred space for fundamental shifts in awareness, completely dissolving old patterns.

Our coaching programs are an opportunity for those who are ready to ASCEND into an entirely new perspective, from which personal power, clarity, and leadership naturally arises. In turn, your evolution and healing will contribute to the healing of our entire species, and our world.

Thank you for being here. We can’t wait to talk to you!


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