It's never too late to look & feel great.


Grab your High-Performance Food & Lifestyle Plan for those of you who want to become anything you desire.

Welcome, grab a glass of wine and chill (oh yes, I’m going to teach you to savor life to the and relaxation included).

I help high-achieving women like you make peace with food and feel sexy as fuck by changing your psychology and your habits.

Consider this space your go-to place for sensible, easy to implement advice on how to get healthy and feel amazing. Start with the Blog so you can get insipred and create momentum in your life.


Save perfection for glossy magazines. This is for the high performer who wants to be at the top of your game, physically, emotionally, spiritually but without having to spend hours every day to cook gourmet meals, or who doesn’t have time to sit and meditate for 3 hours a day just to chill out. Consider this the place where Buddha wears S&M gear and Louboutin shoes. It’s raw, it’s zen, it’s sexy and edgy. Just like you. Oh yes, I see you, it’s in there. 

This is the place you can be honest, vulnerable, and grow into the beautiful badass hidden under all those layers of stress, fat, and societal expectations.

Think I’m just a skinny bitch? I totally get where you are sister, and transformed through my own journey myself. You can read more about me here.

Me before and after


Step 1

Figure out the WHY

Why your body, mind & soul feels the way it does. Get to the root of the issue so you can fix it once and for all. Stress and emotional eating, giving up too soon, waiting for Monday to start getting healthier…there’s a root cause for this and I’m here to help you find it.

Step 2

Learn the HOW

Learn what you need to think, eat, and do to feel amazing in your body. 90% of our work together is on mindset, belief structures and uncovering subconscious beliefs and blocks. We will follow a non-elimination, no BS strategy that gets straight to the root of what’s going on in your body/mind/soul to help you move forward in the direction of peak performance.

Step 3

Pull it All Together

Implement what you’ve learned and make real, lasting changes that stick, so that you’re not once again wondering why you can’t resist that burger or ice cream. Finally understand why you’re always so exhausted and learn how to gain back clear energy that has you running circles around your competition (or your kids!). Lose the weight in a beautifully sustainable way so you’re no longer tied to points, scales or body shame.