It's never too late to look & feel great.


Grab your High-Performance Food & Lifestyle Plan for those of you who want to become anything you desire.

Welcome, grab a glass of wine and get comfy (it’s OK, you can have wine!).

Consider this space your go-to place for sensible, easy to implement advice on how to get healthy and feel amazing.

Consider it your favourite neighbourhood restaurant, with awesome food, good wine, and even better conversation. 


Gone is the guilt and shame around the number on the scale, or the fact that you keep trying at this health thing but give up over and over again.


In my kitchen you learn what you need to know at your pace, your level, and without the need to be perfect.


Save perfection for glossy magazines. This is for the busy person who doesn’t have hours every day to cook gourmet meals, or who doesn’t have time to sit and meditate for 3 hours a day just to chill out.



This is for you, the person who craves a delicious life full of good healthy food, adventure, travel, wine and chocolate (oh yes, chocolate is also welcome here). 


For the person who knows there is a better way: better tasting food, better lifestyle choices, more confidence, energy and happiness – you just need sensible, reality-based, guilt free, easy to implement advice.


Welcome to my kitchen, let’s get cooking with the ingredients of your delicious life.

Step 1

Figure out the WHY

Why your body feels the way it does. Get to the root of the issue so you can fix it once and for all.

Step 2

Learn the HOW

Learn what you need to think, eat, and do to feel amazing in your body.

Step 3

Pull it All Together

Implement what you’ve learned and make real, lasting changes that stick.

Hi, I’m Krisha and I help busy people like you eat, think and feel better, but not the way you think.

(Hint: no sucking on celery all day or weighing, measuring or counting a thing)

Together we find a food and lifestyle routine that works for you allowing you to make friends with the breadbasket again and feel like a rock star in your body – whatever its size.

Check out how I can help you.